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In this blog you can find my to do/buy list, new babies and other such stuff!
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time to start hoarding gems

I’m selling these four named dragons, as I no longer want them.

Male Imperial, level 1: Storm tiger, gold eyespot, swamp basic. 
Female Wildclaw, level 4: Caribbean tiger, fire eyespot, spring basic.
Male Wildclaw, level 4: Emerald iridescent, teal shimmer, jungle basic.
Female Imperial, level 4: Forest iridescent, navy shimmer, black basic

50K or 200 gems each in AH or send me an offer in crossroads to forrgotenrose (#5021) and yes you can offer a lower price. 

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All I need is one more gembond and then its onto the gem genes! Hell yeah!

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yeesss all I need is two gembonds and an underbelly

I mean the iri and shims are going to be a pain to save for because people don’t like spending gems, so I’ll probably sell junk for low amounts of gems, sell dragons for treasure and then buy gems off people in the forums.

or if I get really fed up I might just buy some gems with real money, but that’s a ways off.

Only these pretties left!

Male, white tiger, teal, coal underbelly, and only 30k!
Female, white tiger, royal shimmer, navy, and also 30K!

Send a crossroads to forrgotenrose (#5021) and they’re yours!

awesome all I need now is two gembonds and two underbelly’s and then I can start hoarding gems e3e

and then work out any other stuff I should do but I can do that later

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  1. Female spring clown, stonewash seraph, thistle underbelly. 50K
  2. Female spring clown, steel seraph, mulberry underbelly. 50K
  3. Male spring clown, stonewash seraph, mulberry underbelly. 50K
  4. Female white tiger, royal shimmer, navy. 30K
  5. Female ice tiger, Caribbean stripes, coal underbelly. 30K
  6. Male white tiger, teal, coal underbelly. 30K

Send crossroads to forrotenrose (#5021) and they’re yours!

welp all I need from the treasure market is tiger, underbellyx3 and gembondx2

and I’ve been getting and spending money hella fast so with any luck I’ll have them all by the end of this month



Looks like my dragons are stuck in the fucking auction house.

They’re up for sale, and it shows that on their pages, but when I go to the Activity tab at the AH, they’re not there. I need to pull them today so I can level and exalt them.


[e] So I just searched for them in the AH, and they’re not there.

what the fuck is going on

There’s a lag between the auction finishing and getting the message in your inbox. Give it a while and they’ll come back!

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I think I knocked a building down…