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not sure about this new gene I do agree its very shiny but I only have two (maaaybe four) dragons that I’d want to use it on

basically I’d only want to use it if there’s a matching secondary and maybe a new shiny-er gembond

cause now gembond looks plain and not-so-shiny

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you know what I’d like to see?

the dragons alphabet, like symbols which correspond to our letters or something

that would be fun albeit kinda useless

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Plotting out where my clan would be, they’re based in an extensive cave system, located partially under the Wispwillow Grove. They’re directly between two Centaur clans, smack dab on the edge of the Serthis clan, and at fair risk of Maren! They actually have two Serthis, two Centaurs and one Maren, as well as Longnecks, Harpies and other Beastclan familiars. It should be noted that they’re all voluntary familiars :’D

A large central chamber stretches through the heart of the tree floors, meaning dragons can fly up and down at will, although there’s a set of stairs for those too young or old to fly! Around the upper and middle floors are balconies all the way around, with cushions and plush seating to lounge around on. The hatchery has a fire in the centre, which provides heat to the whole lair. The bedrooms might have the lables on, but its more free range than I’ve made it look, mates can sleep in the same room or friends can bunk together. It’s mainly to prevent Imperials squishing anyone!

They’re a very social clan and welcome visitors and friends over whenever they want! They also have a considerable number of familiars running around, so I hope you like animals.

No exterior views cause I suck a landscapes. Might try sketching it traditional.

Out of date story

This is all WAY out of date, by a year or so, shoving it here so you can read if you want to, but I’m thinking of starting a new one, taking into account the new lore and changed character!

I’ll warn you its a bit long!

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awww damnit I’ve accidentally sold all my cobalt ore, I was saving that for swip ;A;

Ohhhh new familiars o3o

but in other news I totally need to go through all my dragons and come up with new story lines…

Okay I have 76 familiars to go, unfortunately 11 of them are ones I’ll probably never afford

Like the kickstarters, light/fire/lightning sprites, and the downtime freebies I sold months ago…

I am officially up for trading these dragons for familiars

bring me your familiars

  1. Female, shadow clown, thistle shimmer, ice underbelly: 25K or three common familiars!
  2. Female: Royal clown, thistle shimmer, ice underbelly: 25K or three common familiars!
  3. Female: White Iridescent, violet shimmer, thistle gembond: 25K or four common familiars!

Message me here on on FR (forrgotenrose #5021) with your familiars and I’ll see which ones I don’t have!

Please note: The different rarities of familiar DO affect price. But we can haggle c: I’m pretty dang lenient.



and so begins my trial to collect all the familiars

not counting the kickstarter ones, obviously