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In this blog you can find my to do/buy list, new babies and other such stuff!
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but look what babes they’ll become (and make!)

'rose stop buying dragons you don't need'


oh wait the dragons have 34 days to cool down…

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buying dragons you don’t really need because you had an idea and gosh dang it you want to do it!

Guys I’d like your input!

Dapper and Flapper (my White/Ice iridescent, Obsidian shimmer, Obsidian underbelly, coatl pair) will be ready to breed in three/four days, but I don’t know what to sell them for!

There’s currently a fae with those colours for 500G and two imps, one at 100K and the other at 250K but they’re not triple gened. There’s also an imp and Spiral with ice primary for 20K each, but not triple gened either…

I’m hoping to make Dapper and Flapper my ‘income’ pair, but I just don’t know what price to put them at!

Any suggestions?

if I want to make all my dragons perfect I need

13 iridescent scrolls

8 shimmer scrolls

14 Coatl scrolls (2/14)

Total of: 57100 gems needed


1 underbelly scrolls

4 gembond scrolls

2 smoke scolls

total of 1310000 treasure needed


I still have 15 or so that’s in the IDEK stage

oh and a lair expansion

I have the over whelming urge to get a rose iri/rose shim/ magenta smoke female coatl

I seem to be in a pink pastel mood.

  1. Wildclaw: Female, White Iridescent, Shadow Shimmer, Cari Gembond. 100 gems or 30K
  2. Coatl: Female, Spring Clown, Stonewash Seraph, Thistle Underbelly. 150 gems or 40K
  3. Coatl: Female, Leaf Clown, Stonewash Seraph, Thistle Underbelly. 150 gems or 40K
  4. Imperial: Male, White Tiger, Purple Shimmer, Blue Underbelly. 100 gems or 30K
  5. Imperial: Female, White Tiger, Lavender Shimmer, Blue Basic. 100 gems or 30K
  6. Imperial: Male, White Tiger, Lavender Shimmer, Stonewash Underbelly. 100 gems or 30K

Send crossroads to forrgotenrose (#5021) or buy from their page!

I really need more lair space :’D

they gonna be cute

just brought a pair of Ice & white/obsidian/obsidian dragons

gonna turn them into coatls, with iri/shim/under and make pretty babies

but first I need lair space